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The Town of Logy Bay – Middle Cove – Outer Cove has an abundance of amazing coastlines. Our community borders the Atlantic Ocean on the Avalon Peninsula and is dotted with spectacular views, beaches and outdoor adventures.


The Town has two lookouts, one located just up from Outer Cove Beach overlooking Outer Cove and the other a minute drive down past the War Memorial overlooking Middle Cove. These lookouts have become popular whale-watching spots for summer tourists.

The Town’s major sports hub is Kelly Park, which is located at 108 Outer Cove Road. It contains a playground area, softball field, tennis courts, and soccer field. In addition, there are two other playgrounds located within the Town, one on Outer Cove Road (near St. Francis of Assisi School) and the other Nageira Crescent near Middle Cove Beach.  

The path of the East Coast Trail takes you through the the coastal region of LBMCOC. Covering 336 kilometers of coastline, you will pass towering cliffs and headlands, sea stacks, deep fjords, and a natural wave-driven geyser called the Spout. Experience abandoned settlements, lighthouses, ecological reserves, seabird colonies, whales, icebergs, historic sites, a 50-metre suspension bridge, two active archaeological dig sites, and many more attractions.

Middle Cove Beach

Middle Cove Beach

Middle Cove Beach is a popular destination for residents and visitors. It contains ample parking and consists of a beautiful beach for children to play and for the annual capelin run. Tourists come from across the world to witness this spectacle. At night, many a campfire burns as the waves roll in the background. 

Outer Cove Beach


Outer Cove Beach is another beach located within the Town which residents and tourists use for fishing during the season and campfires at night. Outer Cove beach is smaller than middle cove beach.